Transport, Spedition, Logistics

Scope of our know-howarrow
  • Providing legal advice on business startups and the provision of transport, shipping, logistical and postal services, including courier services
  • Drafting standard forms of agreement, general terms and regulations in regard to the provision of transport, shipping and logistical services in domestic and international traffic, including via various modes of transport
  • Developing dedicated legal models and draft agreements in logistics and distribution, along with cooperation procedures, including in complex projects addressing the logistics of retail chains; as well as negotiating agreements
  • Providing legal services for projects relating to logistic infrastructure (parks, warehouses, industrial and office facilities, vehicle fleets, specialist equipment and installations, ICT solutions and systems); also negotiating agreements
  • Advising and representing clients in disputes and proceedings relating to the provision of transportation, shipping and logistical services, and in disputes over logistics infrastructure
  • Providing legal advice on the civil liability insurance of logistics operators, freight forwarders and carriers, as well as insurance of property constituting the subject of services
  • Advising on legal requirements as regards the servicing of specific product groups, e.g. foodstuffs, medical products, hazardous goods, etc.
  • Analysing and reviewing draft laws regulating or affecting operations in the TSL sector; also  developing and running specialist training courses and workshops