Risk & Compliance

Scope of our know-howarrow
  • A comprehensive Risk & Tax Compliance solution, i.e. tax compliance management, is developed and implemented.

  • We identify and analyse individual areas of tax risk and then take measures to minimise the negative effects of tax risk in the future .

  • We develop security policies that are part of the tax strategies of entrepreneurs, which define the rules for all tax areas of the company - they create an internal framework for tax supervision and limit the risk of criminal tax liability of board members and key decision-makers.

  • We prepare procedures for specific areas of tax settlements (VAT, CIT, PIT, WHT, property tax, etc.) in order to mitigate the risks associated with these settlements.

  • We assist with the reporting obligations related to the publication of information on the implemented tax strategy under Article 27c of the CIT Act. This applies to tax capital groups, regardless of the amount of revenue achieved, and taxpayers with revenue exceeding the equivalent of EUR 50 million.

  • We implement solutions for managing the risk of criminal tax liability for members of the board of directors and key persons in the accounting department.

  • We implement modern IT solutions in the area of Digital Tax Compliance - such as Tax Insight and I-RET,

  • We carry out monitoring of tax law regulations in selected scopes in order to keep the business conducted in compliance with frequent changes in tax law or its ambiguous wording.

  • We carry out training in Tax Compliance, including on the subject of exercising due diligence in relations with counterparties and the proper implementation of obligations to report tax schemes.