The Investment Process

Scope of our know-howarrow
  • Providing legal services to investors at every stage of a building process, starting with support over the obtainment of necessary legal opinions, approvals, stances and administrative decisions required by law, through consultancy during the construction process, to  formal completion
  • Developing strategies for how to proceed, with a view to presenting legal recommendations tailored to realities and conditions prevailing through the investment process, in particular to optimise its course and minimise risks (thanks to our unique legal and technical competences, we can also specialise in environmental protection procedures)
  • Running consultations and supplying legal representation in planning, location, environmental and construction proceedings, including through participation as mandatory inspections are made
  • Cooperating with designers, contractors and site managers through the investment process
  • Drafting and submitting ordinary and extraordinary challenges before bodies of the public administration and administrative courts, as well as  defending decisions before administrative authorities and courts of both instances
  • Representing investors before approving and opinion-issuing bodies, in particular road managers, as consents required by law are obtained, and as contracts on the construction or remodelling of road infrastructure are negotiated
  • Running numerous training sessions on the investment process, especially as regards environmental, planning and building procedures
  • Participating actively in the legislative process, most especially when it comes to major barriers to the investment process

(…) the team demonstrates good judgement concerning the risk we encounter, as well as adaptability, flexibility and communication skills. (…).

ranking Chambers Europe 2016

Strategia w zakresie prowadzenia naszych sporów została dobrze przemyślana przez prawników GWW i perfekcyjnie zrealizowana.

ranking Chambers Europe 2016

Clients praise the team's "adaptability, flexibility and communication skills".

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