Court and Arbitration Proceedings

Scope of our know-howarrow
  • Pursuing proceedings in civil and commercial cases before common courts, the Supreme Court, and courts of arbitration (the representation of clients in disputes before provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court is a daily occurrence for us)
  • Advising clients on dispute settlement; participation in negotiations and mediations
  • Optimising clients’ securing of their claims and extending support as court decisions are enforced
  • Offering the benefit of our experience with clients in the telecoms, rail, power, construction and industrial sectors in particular
  • Pursuing court and arbitration proceedings relating to the implementation or settlement of contracts between businesses (in particular for the payment of remuneration, damages and contractual penalties)
  • Dealing with proceedings related to tortious acts, including acts of unfair competition, infringement of personal rights or liability for a product
  • Running proceedings related to infringements of trademark rights and copyright, including disputes between users of copyright and organisations for its collective management
Selected projectsarrow
  • Legal representation of the contracting authority in a dispute with a consortium of general contractors on the new Łódź-Fabryczna station over payment for unjust enrichment (object of dispute of value exceeding 48M PLN)
  • Representation of the contracting authority in a case brought by a consortium of construction-work contractors over payment of contractual penalties in connection with the implementation of the contract to modernise the Warszawa Zachodnia-Warszawa Okęcie stretch of rail line linking with Okęcie Airport (object of dispute of value exceeding 72M PLN)
  • Legal representation of the contracting authority in a dispute with a consortium of contractors for project works facilitating construction of a railway link between Katowice and Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice, over the payment of contractual remuneration and additional remuneration for delivered works (object of dispute of value exceeding 79M PLN)
  • Legal representation of a city in proceedings over compensation payment for the lowering of the value of 81 properties in connection with the introduction of a limited use area (object of dispute of value exceeding 20M PLN)