Civil and Commercial Contracts

Scope of our know-howarrow
  • Drafting standard forms of contract, specific types and unnamed agreements, with support extended through the negotiation process and as agreements are concluded
  • Servicing contracts relating to business or consumer transactions, with full account taken of the specific nature of agreements concluded remotely and off-premises
  • Servicing sales agreements and other agreements transferring rights: framework and individual projects regarding the sale of moveable goods, real estate, rights, and supply agreements
  • Servicing contracts linked to the building process: construction works contracts, general contractor agreements, investment substitution contracts, design work contracts, agreements on investor's supervision, contracts for specific works, etc.
  • Servicing mandate contracts and contracts for the supply of services; as well as agreements regulating the use of possessions via rental, hiring, leasing and lending 
  • Extending support over loan and credit agreements, bank contracts, insurance contracts and insurance brokerage agreements
  • Servicing agreements on the security of debts: surety agreements, bank guarantees, insurance guarantees, pledges and promissory note collaterals
  • Servicing agreements relating to intellectual property rights: licensing agreements and agreements on the transfer of intellectual property rights, and software implementation agreements