Scope of our know-howarrow
  • Developing and deploying IT solutions to help enterprises meet tax-settlement obligations
  • The carrying out of tax and IT audits, with a view to support and consultation being provided as IT tools related to corporate taxes are deployed, and within the scope of change in ERP systems required to report tax data properly (e.g. SAP, MS Dynamics etc.)
  • Assuming responsibility for the obligatory preparation and submission of the Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) (Polish JPK), rendering IN or OUT versions of the service, checking, generating and signing SAF-T files, and giving the option of the process being internalised within GWW’s own IT systems, or else  serviced through the client’s own resources
  • Offering ongoing support and consultancy over SAF-T file-submission, with checking and correcting prior to submission to the Ministry of Finance, and delivery of tools supporting file-generation and verification processes
  • Developing tailored IT solutions for tax matters at a client’s request – via our team of experienced analysts, IT-system designers and programmers, in cooperation with our specialists in tax, accounting, and fiscal and penal law
Selected projectsarrow
  • Working alongside tax advisors, our IT specialists have prepared a number of IT tools facilitating the management of tax information in a company, streamlining processes generating the tax documentation required by law, and ensuring full compliance with reporting obligations (e.g. with VAT records conforming with the Uniform Control File (JPK) standard)
  • e-Ship – an IT tax information management system developed for a company
  • JPK-Insight – a software tool created to analyse oganisational and substantive JPK files and ensure the detection of all irregularities and doubts in files for submission (the system can be extended to include additional data analyses that further clarify results)
  • Active VAT – a system devised to check the statuses of VAT-payers

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